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Battle the mischievous 'Scroodles' in this fresh, fast, and fun word game! Its part-Scrabble, part-adventure, and ALL AWESOME. Try it for free! Can you spell A-D-D-I-C-T-I-N-G?


  • DOZENS OF UNIQUE MONSTERS - Each Scroodle-monster has unique stats and abilities that require smart strategies to defeat!
  • POWERUPS - Randomly generated powerups add fresh fun every round. Can you find a way to use that 'P' in a word to freeze a Scroodle?
  • GAME BOARD MADNESS - Every level has a different 'board' layout, sort-of like the bonuses in a Scrabble board. Can you find a way to use a 'Q' on the Double Letter square for huge points?!
  • COMPETE WITH FRIENDS - See how you measure up against your Facebook friends with level-based LEADERBOARDS!
  • AMAZING CHARACTERS - A Scroodle = Scribble + Doodle. Watch as the Scroodles are 'drawn to life' at the start of each level, then create words to erase them! Every Scroodle is colorfully illustrated and animated with individual voices and character profiles!



Really fun and addicting game! I just wish there were more levels to play.

--- Alaina Danielle Gaerlan


This is fun! Great fun. Love the characters. Past level 50 without a single purchase. Just got to be smarter than the meanies.

--- Dale Hermann


I've played every word game imaginable, and most are all the same. This one isn't the easiest but one of the most enjoyable. Something completely different but not impossible to play. Cute simple graphics, completely free and no annoying ads that ruin gameplay. Thanks for the extra levels.

--- Tammi Nicholson


Bottom line is.... Sooooo, yeah! I downloaded this game approximately one month ago and defeated all levels of it in 3 weeks over time! When I say it is addictive, and challenging! Goodness! It's the cutest little game that will keep you entertained and sweating at the same time. I loved it! So much I even downloaded it again because I tried to find another word game as exciting, but became easily bored. Scroodles set the bar high for every word game!

--- Harriet Dabbs


We respect your privacy. Seriously, we do.

We allow players to login through Facebook to make it easy for them to compete for high scores and send each other game items like lives and keys. To help us make the game better, we collect anonymous usage information like level progression and high scores.

For Facebook players, we associate an app specific Facebook ID so we can restore your game progress and your friends can see your high scores.

  • We do NOT post anything on your timeline.
  • We do NOT collect your name, phone number, gender, or other profile information.
  • We do NOT collect your picture or pictures of your friends on our servers. These are downloaded and shown only in the game.

About Mad Sally Games

Our mission is to create unique and fun gaming experiences. In a sometimes derivative industry, we at Mad Sally take pride in our originality, creativity, and dedication to the highest standards of fun. Our first title, Scroodles, is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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